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Scratch Team Blog: Meet the Scratch 2.0 Development Team

Meet the Scratch 2.0 Development Team

Friday, November 30, 2012

Scratch 2.0 is nearing the beta test phase, so it seems like a good time to introduce the small team of designers and developers who are working hard to finish it!
Mitch Resnick
I’m a professor at the MIT Media Lab, and I lead the Lifelong Kindergarten research group. In addition to developing Scratch, our group helps develop robotics kits like LEGO Mindstorms. In fact, I’m officially the LEGO Professor at MIT. I feel like I have the best job in the world.
Natalie Rusk
I am part of the group designing the Scratch 2.0 project editor. I also am developing support materials (such as the new “tips window”). In addition, I research and write about motivation for learning. A bit of Scratch trivia: I named the sprite “Gobo.”
John Maloney
I’m the lead programmer for the Scratch project editor and player. I’ve written a bunch of code, but many others have made major contributions over the past ten years. Some of my favorite features of Scratch 2.0 are: cloning, procedures, turbo mode, fast lists, and video.
Champika Fernando
I’m a Master’s student at the MIT Media Lab. I’ve been working on developing and designing the Scratch 2.0 website and helping to design the new vector-based Paint Editor. I grew up in Canada, and in my spare time I enjoy cooking, cycling and going on adventures. I also love waffles :)
Sayamindu Dasgupta
I am a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab. I developed the backend of the Scratch 2.0 website, and the Cloud data system. The Cloud data system is also a part of my research, which covers programming with data. I grew up in Kolkata, India, and when not around computers, I like to take photos, fly kites, and cook.
Ricarose Roque
I am a PhD student at the MIT Media Lab. I help with the design of the community website and study ways to support creative collaboration. I also love to design Scratch workshops, especially for families. I was born in the Philippines and grew up in Los Angeles. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and family and love to make/eat waffles and tacos.
Amos Blanton
In addition to managing the current Scratch website, I help with the design of the Scratch 2.0 website and support materials, and reboot the servers when they need it. I like hiking, playing with my 2-year-old son, and creating fun workshops with Scratch and LEGO WeDo.
Shane Morgan Clements
I’m new to the Scratch team. I’ve really enjoyed working on the costume editor and website, and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone creates using the new vector graphics tools. My home is just outside of Boulder, Colorado, and I enjoy spending time in the mountains with family and friends.
Several other people were actively involved in earlier stages of the Scratch 2.0 development process, including Paula Bonta, Karen Brennan, Gaia Carini, and Brian Silverman. In addition to all the development work, there are lots of folks whose efforts help make Scratch 2.0 possible - like Paddle2See (who is working tirelessly to isolate glitches in the new Flash player), Cheddargirl, and many more people who have contributed to Scratch. This includes our community moderators and all the Scratcher alpha testers who’ve volunteered their time and energy to give feedback and isolate bugs in Scratch 2.0.

While there’s still lots of work to be done, we’re planning on announcing the timetable in December for the beta version and the final release. (Believe us, we’re eager to get it done too!)


Unknown said...

Nice! I didn't even know we would get video in 2.0... and I still don't know the difference between the procedures, turbo mode, and fast lists that john maloney was talking about...

P110 said...

I'm going into overdrive with 2.0, I can't wait!

Isaac Lyons said...

Shane looks like Woody's gamertag.

Mac Rutan said...

I hope that all of you realize on a daily basis what an amazing program Scratch is and that you are contributing to taking it to an even higher level (pun intended). My son and I are anxiously awaiting 2.0. Where do we look for beta information?

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