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Scratch Team Blog: Scratch 2.0: Moving to the Cloud

Scratch 2.0: Moving to the Cloud

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Scratch 2.0 will be “all in the cloud” -- meaning that the Scratch programming editor will become part of the Scratch website. We’re excited about this transition because it has a lot of great benefits. For one thing, it won’t be necessary to download and install Scratch to try it out. For another, it will be easier to see the scripts that show how a project works. Instead of downloading the project file, all you need to do is click a button to see inside and play with the code -- then click another button to remix it. Once the transition to “the cloud” is complete, it’ll be easier for us to continually add new features to Scratch, without releasing an entire new version.

But moving the Scratch editor to the website raises some tough questions. For example:

Should you be able to see other people’s Scratch projects that aren’t yet finished?

If a Scratcher starts a new project and gets halfway through before stopping to do something else, should others be able to see their work in progress? Or should it be hidden until the Scratcher decides they are ready to share it with everyone else?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. Being able to see a project that’s only halfway finished could ruin the surprise of a newly released project. On the other hand, some Scratchers might like to get constructive advice and feedback on their unfinished, draft projects.

Right now, we’re imagining that Scratchers will work on their projects in their own private section of the Scratch website. Their project will only become visible when they click a button to “share” it with the rest of the Scratch community. But because we’re still in the early stages of developing Scratch 2.0, this could still change.

What do you think? Should Scratchers be able to see each other’s draft projects? Post your thoughts on this forum thread.

Edit: Don't worry, we are still planning to make a downloadable Scratch application, so it will still be possible to work on projects "offline." See more about this in the Scratch 2.0 FAQ.


Iván said...

I'd like to choose wich project to share and wich one not to. (Excuse my English)

BTW Are you wating for the Scratch Day to release Scratch 2.0???

Magnie said...

I believe that you should have an option ( Check Mark ) that wonders if you want it hidden or not until it's released. I think this would make things so much more interesting. Being able to edit projects on the fly would really help.

Like if there are small bugs in the game that you want to fix, you can just click a button, make the fix, save and you are done. No need to re-upload. ( though that is getting a bit off topic )

As I said above ( #1 Paragraph ) having an option to keep it hidden or not would be best in my opinion. I think we should also be able to select a default option. ( Hidden, not, etc )

Iván said...

What if I'd like to work off-line?

Mateo said...

move scratch to internet?
it isn't a good idea...
i think that

Teh Little said...

I think only people who you choose can see your W.I.P projects.

Blizz said...

About the should a scratcher see projects that are unfinished. The answer would be same as in 1.4 u must press the share button for the scratchers to see it. Btw When Will 2.0 come out next month or?

RDC said...

It's great to find a tool such as scratch editor accessible from anywhere without having to install it. Portability wise it's a good move and kudos to the people who made this initiative possible.

Kenny said...


P Casey said...

It sounds like a great idea, however would user accounts be required? As a secondary school teacher, I can envisage my local authority having concerns about pupil accounts outwith their control; therefore the downloadable application is an absolute must.

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