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Scratch Team Blog: Scratch Day

Scratch Day

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Last year we had a great Scratch@MIT conference. This year, we're doing something different: a worldwide network of events. There are already more than 20 events registered and number keeps growing. The idea is to get Scratchers together to share projects and experiences, and learn more about Scratch. Find out more, join an event or organize one yourself.


Karx Blog said...

I might be able to come to one =)

3za said...

Aveiro University is going to organize an event... that's why I've registered myself ('cause I'll be there with them helping). As soon as we know the details, we will share!

Boinoinoi said...

I'm probably going to MIT one, since I already know everyone at Clarke. See you there!

koolykey said...

I hope scratch day comes to ontario

Natasha said...

Is it too late now to start one?

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